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Priority Class Service: Tailored for the Corporate Sector

The Professional Couriers has been pioneering innovative solutions in the Courier Service, for the past 32 years and has set a benchmark in the industry. Priority Class is yet another innovative service from TPC aimed at serving Corporate Segments for a better and faster logistic solution. Backed by a team of experienced professionals with logistical expertise, Priority Class serves the needs of its corporate customers through unmatched service. With a strong network and efficient transport system at the foundation, the service aims to provide world-class logistics service at a competitive price.

Priority class is designed to add value to your business by empowering you to ensure delivery of your documents and other consignments to a range of end-users within a time frame, while being a catalytic factor in reducing logistics cost. We offer the assurance of delivery in metros in 24 hours and non-metros such as Tier-II and Tier-III Cities/Towns in 48 hours and the Rest of India within 72 hours or committed timelines.

Let Priority Class propel your company

Discover the best way to get your goods to the market or to your channel partners. We have got solutions that can help drive your company while trimming inefficiencies all the way. Priority class will spur your business with quality shipping, tracking and billing solutions. Partner with us and benefit from a secure and streamlined global supply chain with a well-crafted service.

Benefits of Priority Class Service :

Enhanced visibility, control, and efficiency
Saves time and resources, thereby enabling you to focus on your business
Enhanced transportation service helps you boost your customer’s satisfaction
Priority service for your delivery needs
Better rates, optimized shipments, and process improvements that can reduce your overall transportation costs.


  • Cost Advantage
  • It lets you maintain the cost while getting your documents/consignments to a range of end-users within a time frame.
  • Exclusive Network
  • Tap into TPC's more than three decades of experience and trade expertise with an extensive network. Effective transportation management can lower transportation costs, improve inventory management, and enhance customer service and reliability. We can support your business growth with quality shipping, tracking and billing solutions.
  • 100% Tracking
  • We provide delivery status and by-the-minute information through Latest Track ’n’ Trace system and automatic email/SMS alerts up to delivery. Hence, with our prompt service, our customers will get the final confirmation that their documents/ consignments have been delivered.